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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why only FMO's ?

An FMO is a forced matrix organization.  This is a way of selling products worldwide with a waterfall effect of sales revenue income coming to you, based on your own work, and also the work of those both above and below you in the marketing organization.  Please read our team blog at  for more explanation. 

I choose to work mainly with FMO's, since I have limited time, and that way I can promote the general concept of FMO rather than just one company, allowing me to work many programs at once.  

I am recommending that everyone do the same as what I am doing. Since I only need to recruit a very few in each FMO, and then let the magic of the FMO concept work for me, I am free to do many at once without looking silly.

As soon as I get just a very few people enrolled in each FMO, I can move on, because the FMO concept will carry those people to success, based on their own work if they do the same as I did.  I do draw the line at working only with the FMO's that are selling a real product. No money games or such.

I believe that more and more REAL products will be sold via FMO's since each one takes so little time to enroll and then to easily promote to just a few people. With the Twitter networks and Google+ some amazing things are about to happen I think.

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