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Friday, August 12, 2011

Can you help us Twitter and YouTube?

Click here to join ( the new advent of Flash Crowd Marketing ).
This is not a way to get rich quick.  This requires real work on a consistent basis in order to earn a reasonable income. 

With the increasing popularity of the various free classified ad sites such as CraigsList, Facebook MarketPlace, YouTube, Twitter and similar social network instant notification systems, a new giant explosive BLAST FORCE style of instant flash crowd marketing ( a new phenomenon ) is being formed.

Some principles to remember:

1. PRODUCT is King over all else. It beats price, service, location, it beats all. If the people like the Product it will win. If you love your product, you will win big.  Click here for a great product. 

2. FLASH CROWD MARKETING using social media, Twitter, Facebook Marketplace, CraigsList, KSL, YouTube and Google is here. Those who get involved now before the bigger waves come, will win big. This is your opportunity to make money online with social media.

3. ACCOUNTING is going to be the challenge within these exploding new INSTANT GIANT BIGGER FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE piles of orders of PRODUCT.

The most effective computerized way to track all this is to join up with existing EXPERIENCED COMPUTERIZED ORGANIZED accounting systems with GIANT EXPLOSIVE INSTANT CAPACITY.

The ones that I can see that can handle it are those that cut their teeth on the old fashioned mlm, which has now evolved into the forced matrix style of flash marketing.
Such as and   ( click on either link to enroll ).

4. WE CAN PROFIT from noticing the various FLASH MARKETABLE PRODUCTS that are going to appear on the scene.  We can profit from seeing them early in the process. We can make some. Maybe you have seen one that you can share with me. Please include me in your own FLASH CROWD MARKETING LIST that we can all be developing NOW, in order to be ready for the waves coming. But we have to be on the lookout EARLY for the products that people like, ready to join the flash marketing crowd instantly.  Soon you will see many programs advertising things like Make Money - Free Thing, or Make money online business. Be ready! Here is a nice tool that you can start using now, to develop your own list of contacts: 

5. THE FIRST PRODUCT that I have picked, and that I use everyday, is an online marketing tool kit, which is useful to the new FLASH CROWD MARKETING companies that are about to appear. They are coming along. Here is the link to become a distributor of this tool kit PRODUCT.  

This product link above provides 3 flash marketing oriented websites, a live video spokesperson for each website, live flash video for each website, live capture pages, live auto-responders, instant built-in contact management, source code tracking, and traffic rotators for the upcoming flash crowd marketing companies about to appear. It can do the accounting and commission payouts for the millions who may sign up instantly in a matter of days in the future. Click here to  get in now. It is not a big investment and you may be glad.

6. ANOTHER HOT PRODUCT that is getting ready to explode is breath mints.  Yup  breath mints. You can use the above tool kit training package to market this hot new social media explosion.   Click here to become authorized for this product. 

See more about it at

Welcome to the good life.

FlashCrowd YouTube Channel

We will provide a sample ad to you with your own unique link so that we can track your income.  Click here to get your own link.

We will provide your own unique identifier to track your income.  This is a good work at home online work new business opportunity for you, to create an automated income for yourself. Can you help us twitter?  Can you help us YouTube?

In this home jobs online income opportunity we will provide you with code to track your income as you do this MLM home work as you work online at home. This can be your favorite home work as a nice MLM business for you as you develop lots of followers on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This is the best online work that I have found among the work at home and work online at home listings because it is a forced matrix MLM which is the very best and latest net based income method.  I like the fact that you get a unique code to track your income for your home business and you can create work home jobs by referring others to work with us in our online jobs at home, with 9 levels mlm promotional twitter income.

This is better than other data entry work at home and computer jobs at home because it is a forced matrix style of work online jobs.  You don't need to buy mints yourself or sell mints in person if you do not wish to attend our flash crowd events.  You can simply refer people to buy online like I do.  You can create your own  Blog. You can offer a Make Money Free Thing Blog for example and tell people about nice freebies that you have found online, to generate leads.

One of the best ways to find new friends and fellow workers online, is to go to YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and general Websites, and enter your contact information or send an email or message asking a sincere question that you would like to know about their site, such as the best software or contact manager that they use and like the best, or what software they use to make their YouTube videos or their website features. Include your own unique link underneath your name.

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