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Friday, December 2, 2011

The Empower Network online business leads sharing group is excellent.

Social media and word of mouth referrals are just about the best I know of.  

The Empower Network online business leads sharing group is excellent.
That is where I learned how to use Twitter for profit by promoting properly.

First, open a separate Twitter account for each email address that you have.
You can Tweet to promote your business, once the basic rules are understood.

Second, put a short description of your business or offer in the profile description of each Twitter account, and within that description, be sure to include the words
I followback the Organization Age Teamfollowback

Those specific words within your description will bring many new followers to you like magic. They are "code words" that people search for, to find followers like you and me.   Include these words in some of your Tweets often:  I followback the Organization Age Teamfollowback

Third, start following these Twitter accounts, to get the ball rolling.

blast force

Do not follow anyone else ( Twitter has following ratio limits ), until they choose to follow you first.  Other users will find you themselves, based on your description of your main business, and the fact that your profile includes the code words:  I followback the Organization Age Teamfollowback

Just go into each of your Twitter accounts daily or weekly and "Follow" each of your Followers.  You do not need any special Twitter tools to do this. The Twitter tools being sold will just get you into trouble.  Just "follow" the people who follow you first.  Do not send a lot of messages to other users, it will just get you banned in Twitter.   However, do go ahead and send out at least 3 Tweets per day, from each of your Twitter accounts.  Two of your daily Tweets per account cannot have a link in them.  Two of them should be just general information, a joke, a phrase, a motivational comment,  information, etc.  The third Tweet each day per account can include a link and your promotional information.

Your Twitter accounts can start earning money if you choose to start sending out sponsored Tweets ( after your Twitter account is at least 90 days old ).   You can enroll free in the sponsored Tweets program by clicking here.

Here at Empower Network we are dedicated to organizing the people of the world into productive income teams.   Your team provides you with business leads, customer leads sharing, Google+ Hangout sessions, a viral blogging network, motivational ideas, work opportunities, income, opportunities, companionship and fellowship, synergy, charitable projects, Food Bank donation opportunities, health information concepts, food storage and emergency preparedness information, opportunities to socialize through recreational activities, exercise, musical singing groups, dancing and entertainment outings. 

Basically we help you to have an uplifting happy motivated existence.

We have gone beyond the computer age and into the ORGANIZATION AGE.   We are organizing the users of FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and the Social Media into a worldwide organized force for good, called Empower Network. 

To learn more, come to our Google+ hangout at
You are hereby invited to our Business Networking Meeting -
 ( an Empower Network business leads sharing group ) -

You can drop in or out of the online session anytime, depending on
your schedule, come or not come, and still be in good standing.
You can attend for a few minutes, or stay as long as you like.
We meet online every day from 7 am to 9 am Mountain Time
    ( 9 am to 11 am ET )

You get there by joining our hangout on Google+ which is under the
name of our coordinator Lois Lewis on Google+  at

Simply send a Google+ invitation to be a friend with Lois Lewis or a Google+ "circles" invitation to Lois Lewis at  from within your
Google+ account, while you are logged into your gmail account.

Then drop into our hangout any morning for a few minutes to introduce
yourself and what you do for a living.   We will try to refer leads to

After you try it out for free, then join us for $25 per month by
enrolling at this link.
We also pay commissions to you if you refer someone to our group.
If you refer just one person for example, your subscription fee goes
away, because your commission on your first member referral is $25

Click to this link,
 if you wish to enroll now, or come and try out the group meeting
first for FREE if you wish.

Come to the hangout at
 ( any morning 7 am - 9 am MT ).   ( 9 am - 11 am ET )

Click here to enroll in the Empower Network

Click here to read our blog

Any questions, call our founding members:

Scott Edington
Technology Hardware, IT, Computer, Audio Visual and Printer Supplies
Skype: scotteonline
Phone: 919 417 3977
skype: scotteonline

Advertising Specialists - We help you to dominate Google search results.
Skype: flashcrowd
Phone:  801-347-3798

Len Wright
Business Printing, Custom Logo T-Shirts, Banners, Embroiderd Hats
Phone: 801-404-6123

I believe that covering the basics to provide your life with the time, money and health are best obtained with your own business.

Creating a pattern of activities which you can teach to others is a key to success.

"Teach them something that they CAN do."

Then standardize, measure, and duplicate.

Standardization and replication bring growth.

Then scale it up.

Click here to check out the Empower Network.

Do you want to know how to get your product or service to the top of Google ?
Call Blast Force at 801-347-3798    or write to

An unusual secret.... almost.

The secret is that we really can get you to the top of Google, that's

what.  Not just one spot on the first page of Google, but most ALL the

spots on the first page for specific products.  And it does not take 3
months.  It takes 48 hours, that's it.


For example, one of our clients is Lon Scow at
"Auto Wrecking Parts LLC Junk Yard in Salt Lake City Utah. We buy or
Sell Used Auto Parts, tires, rims, wheels, batteries.  Call now 24
hours 801-604-8888 Lon Scow. " (that's who he is and what he does)

What we do for him is demonstrated if you go and "Google" the
following Key Search Phrases that we worked on for him, as an example
of what we can do for you.

Google any or all of these phrases right now, and then actually find
the phone number that each link leads you to.... you will see that
801-604-8888 dominates!
Door for a 1957 Ford F-150 salt lake city

haul away junk cars and trucks Salt Lake City

Where to get a junk Hyster forklift Salt Lake City

Plymouth Vista 1988 Door Salt Lake City Utah

Radial used tires with alloy rim salt lake city

Trunk Lid for 1987 BMW 325i Salt Lake City Utah

Hood for 88 Plymouth Vista 1988 Salt Lake City Utah
Check how we dominate Google for our own key phrases for our biz ( we
are known as both Blast Force and FlashCrowd in the results ).
We are the first 5 listings in Google for our two key phrases which are:
Empower Network Utah

Empower network viral blogging Salt Lake City Utah
To get in on this, call now 24 hours (801) 347-3798 and talk to "Lewis"
or Skype: FlashCrowd, or go to Google+ and add
which is found under our name Lois Lewis.

Call now 801-347-3798 and ask for Lewis.
or Skype  FlashCrowd
For age 18 or older only.  

In addition to blogging daily with the Empower Network viral blogging system, We will show you that if you want to get your product or service to the top of Google, here are some effective online free classified advertising sites for you to use: 

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