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Friday, November 4, 2011

Internet Marketing home business online income using mlm and worldwide forced matrix organizations

Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid…
When it comes to making money online, avoiding some of the most
common mistakes can save you time, money and longevity in your
business.  The unique aspect of these mistakes is that all of them apply to the
different types of marketing seen online today, Affiliate Marketing,
Network Marketing, Information Marketing, Email Marketing or maybe
your business incorporates several of these avenues and more.
The one common bond that links these mistakes together is that…. “They
all can be overcome, resulting in better success for you and your business!”
Did you know that nearly 95.0% of all people, worldwide, who try to make
money online, fail to do so? And of those that see success, only .56% make
as much as $500 a month or more consistently.
“So why does less than 1 - person out of a hundred, ever see a
resemblance of success making a consistent income online?”
But don’t take those numbers so doom and gloom, the percentages may
seem small, but when you apply them to the total number of marketers
online, there truly is light at the end of the tunnel.
Let’s take a look at 4 of the most common mistakes made by internet
marketers today:
MISTAKE #1: Believing EVERYTHING You See and Hear
One of the most important first steps you’ll ever take as an internet
marketer is in choosing the path that will help you earn the income you’re
Do you remember your grandmother or maybe even your mother ever
telling you: “Don’t believe everything you see or hear?”
That one statement can literally save you thousands of hours, frustration,
loss of sleep and a positive balance on your credit card, trust us, we’ve
been there!
One of the biggest mistakes we see online today, and we have lots of
examples, is that people in general are drawn to the “Next” or “Biggest”
best thing online, and in some respects, are overloaded with information,
making it difficult to focus on one path to success!
We are barraged with emails, webinars, instant messages, books, tapes,
you name it, and it’s out there. So how does a person sift through the mess
and choose the correct path, the correct program or system or even
product to deliver the freedom and wealth they so desperately seek?
This is about “Consistency!” Meaning, if you look and follow many
of the top marketers online today, they have one thing in common. Can you
guess? Everything they do is consistent to one path. They don’t hop, skip
and jump from one program to the next, or one product to the next or one
company to the next.
Consistent work, in one direction, leads to one conclusion….Wealth!
A great example is in the Network Marketing arena. Haven’t you ever had a
friend, family member or neighbour contact you with the best business or
product they’ve ever seen? Have you also had that same person come back
a year or two later with the same pitch, but different company and
Don’t get us wrong, there can be times when changing your direction is
necessary, but every week, month or year? Probably not. Plus, when you
do that, you lose credibility with your audience.
We started out this section with “Don’t believe Everything you See and
Hear”, and the reason for this is that, it’s what drives people to hop, skip
and change their path so often, never seeing consistency, never seeing
results from their efforts.
So, if you find yourself falling into this mistake, here are some helpful tips
to keep you moving forward….
1) Never Join a Program or Buy a Product at First Glance
How many of us have done that? We have, and way too many times to
count. Can’t tell you how many “things” we’ve purchased, but haven’t
looked at for years. Did they help, did they work, not a bit!
“Your best action when investigating something is to actually investigate!”
Search online for the product, reviews, history of the owner, maybe contact
someone who has purchased and find out what they thought or if it
worked. Don’t always believe at first glance what you read on a sales page,
or squeeze page, do your homework and investigate what it’s all about.
It will make your purchasing more worth while and actually motivate you to
use it.
2) Choose what fits YOUR Passion
This is a big one for us. Why struggle to sell a product or service if you
yourself aren’t excited about it?
Had a good friend who decided to sell candles from a well known Network
Marketing company. Come to find out after talking to her, she didn’t even
have one of the candles in her own home. In fact, she only joined the
company because her mom was doing it.
Success in business is in direct relation to your Passion for doing it. It
doesn’t matter how you market, in print, on a website, in person, if you’re
not 100% sold on it, people will see right through you!
Choose a company or product that you are excited about, have a passion
for, and success will be beating down your door much faster.
This is the formula that EVERY marketer should follow, no matter what
business you’re in, no matter what product you sell, no matter where you
live. Without the proper ratio of Skills and Action, real Success will never
Here’s what most marketer’s scale looks like….
Most marketers spend their time all in the “Action” category, leaving them
frustrated when Success never comes. They continue to advertise, send
out emails, try different products, jumping around looking for anything that
will work.
This also happens a lot to folks who are new to online marketing. The
immediate need for results or the lack of someone teaching them what to
do will force people into just doing something, never really understanding
why it doesn’t work. Remember our statistic, 95% of people who try to
earn money online, never do? This is a big reason why!!
So let’s look at the opposite formula…..
Remember when we talked about “Information Overload?” We see this
type of balance all too often as well. They read every book, take every
class, attend every webinar and pay for every seminar they can get their
hands on. This can happen when a person focuses too much on the
information thrown at them, and never truly puts their newly learned skills
into action!
So what’s the right balance?
You see, no matter what business you’re in, YOUR income can be directly
related to how lop-sided your formula is.
When you’re new to the industry, you’ll need to spend a little more time on
gaining the proper skills and applying what you learn moderately. As your
skill level grows, so should your “ACTION.” Pretty soon, both sides match
and your success rate begins to match as well.
IMPORTANT NOTE: No matter how long or how successful you’ve been
with Internet Marketing, Learning and Developing Yourself should never
We want you to think about your own situation or path and remember some very key points.
Have you chosen the right company, product or service and have you investigated
everything about it? Do you have a passion for it and passion for helping
others, or was the decision based on factors that might set you up for
failure from the start? How will you market and whom to, and do your
skills match your actions, or are you throwing things to the wind hoping
something will stick?
The reason people tend to believe everything they see, read or hear, thus
finding themselves not on a clear path is because they don’t have a well
thought out plan to guide them, that’s ultimately what this chapter comes
down to!
Here’s a great quote that guides our business everyday:
MISTAKE #2: OVER Spent and UNDER Income
This mistake ties hand and hand with Mistake #1. Believing everything you
see, hear and read, can lead you down a path of spending more money
than you bring in. Or, spending your own hard earned income, reaching for
anything that will work, leaving your credit card or bank account in the
But before we share more on this topic, we want to make sure we are
speaking to the right audience. So please - - honestly answer YES or NO to
the questions below:
“Many of Life’s Failures are people who did not realize how
close they were to Success when they gave up!”
- Thomas A. Edison
- Do you ever second guess yourself or pause to ask if you’re doing the
tasks that are the most important?
- Have you reached a point where you’ve had to give yourself a “good
talking to” about spending more money on how-to training products,
systems and e-books that leave you to fend for yourself in a pile of
back office videos once “launch” has “concluded”?
- Have you educated yourself just enough to be aware of all the things
you’re supposed to do, but tell yourself there is no way you’ll ever
have the time to do them all?
- Do you feel as if you’re trapped within a slurry of things and stuff
you’ve purchased but have barely looked at any of it – let alone
attempted to implement?
- Ever feel like you’re never going to understand everything you need to
- Have you grown frustrated and confused by all the sensational
marketing stuff that has gotten in way of your own business growth?
If you answered YES to any of these questions – not necessarily all of them
– then we want you to stop, spend a few minutes and “regroup”!
To be brutally honest, we were confronted with these exact same questions
several times in our online career. In fact, the first time, we answered YES
to all of them.
The reason most people become over spent is large part due to
“EMOTIONS”! And what typically sparks emotions in people?
One word – MARKETING!
Is it not the goal of every ad, every sales page, squeeze page and the like to
get you to take action? And the way this happens is by tugging on your
emotions. Watch any TV ad, they all play to our emotions, and ultimately
to our wallet.
So what can we do? How do we understand all that is thrown at us online
and determine if it works and is beneficial? Well, we’re going to give you a
small blueprint, something that will help you analyze what you see, in the
hopes that if your decision is to join or purchase something, it will be well
thought out and it will be something that is needed in furthering your path
to success!
Everything that makes up your business online ALWAYS falls into one of
three categories:
So what are tools? Tools are things that help us to make our business more
cost effective and efficient. They are typically things that almost every
marketer online needs in order for their income to grow. So when you’re
looking at something that falls into the “Tools” category, one of the
questions you should be asking yourself is – “Will this allow my income to
grow, either immediately or in the near future?”
Let’s look at an example:
Communicating with your Prospects
The #1 goal of any business is to build a list of prospects that you can
communicate with over time. This gives you the ability to connect
with people, share your expertise and strengthening the process of
people knowing, liking and trusting you.
But the ultimate goal of building a list of prospects is to monetize
your efforts and earn income as you share things with this list. You
might share a product or tool, maybe a system that you’re using and
some of these people will want the same thing you’re using. You’re
leveraging your efforts by sharing this with a large group of folks who
have come to know you, like you and trust you. That’s monetization,
and it’s the core foundation of Internet Marketing!
So what does this have to do with “Tools?” Well, in order to build
that list and communicate with that list, you need the proper tools to
accomplish this.
How about training, why it’s so important?
Training is the one constant, in any business, that will never go away. It’s
the true vehicle that will ultimately drive your business either up or down.
Remember in the first chapter we talked about the fact that your income is
in direct proportion to the skills you have and action you take with those
You see, learning, and growing your skills will make direct impact on your
bottom line. It will never go away; it will always be at the forefront of your
business plan because things change constantly.
The ones who learn how to master these changes are the ones who will be
around in the long run.
Let’s look at an example:
One of the Top question’s we get asked as leader’s in our industry is –
“How do I build an online business if I have no money to start with?”
So in other words, I have little to no budget, but I want to start building a
business online. It’s a great question and if you’ve spent ANY time online
investigating “How to Begin Building a Business on a Budget”, you’ve
probably run across every crazy scheme ever dreamed up on the subject.
We all, at some point or another, have asked this same question. But to us,
this is a “Training” issue, not a marketing issue like most believe.
So when you find yourself asking a question that starts with, “How do I…..”
it most likely deals with a training issue.
Here’s an excellent example of Training ---- Building on a Budget
When you’re looking to upgrade your skills, learn something new or
enhance what you already know, look for the training that deals with that
specific subject. It helps to keep you focused on learning one thing at a
time, mastering it, and then you can deliver massive action that will
produce the exact results you were looking for.
What about Advertising?
Many things can fall under advertising; the real key is to understand the
relationship between advertising and a little word called Marketing. When
you understand how these two words fit together, you’ll have a better
sense of evaluation when confronted with all the crazy hype and false
claims in the marketplace today.
People will say that you have to learn how to “Market” online to be
successful. And although this statement is true, the word marketing in and
of itself, does not always relate to the earning of money! But, when you
combine marketing with advertising, the end result is ALL about earning a
Think of the two words this way….
Marketing – is the skill of convincing someone to do something
Advertising – is the medium where you put your marketing skills to use
So, back to the statement – “You have to learn how to market online to be
Successful” – to us, that is only half the puzzle. When you’ve learned the
skills of marketing, you still need the medium of advertising before a profit
can be made! Make sense? You can learn all day long how to be a
successful marketer, but if you don’t put those skills to use in the right
advertising medium, you’ll never make a dime!
The other piece to this puzzle, the piece that nobody seems to share, is that
the best results come when the advertising medium allows you to use your
marketing skills!
What does that mean? Read carefully, because this concept is what we use
to help see through the hype and false claims online. It has saved us so
much wasted time and money over the years; and it will do the same for
you too. Out of all the tracking, split testing, tweaking and so on we’ve
done, those advertising mediums that allow us to utilize our honed
marketing skills, have ALWAYS produced the greatest results!
Let’s look at an example:
A few years back, we were presented with an opportunity to advertise a
product we had created, on a well known, prominent website. In fact, this
site, and we did verify this, was getting around 1000 visitors a day, just
from Google alone.
I don’t remember the total visitors this site was getting from all traffic, but
it fit our niche and complimented our product but we were hesitant
because the site owner wanted $1,500 to put up a very small banner ad.
To us, this was strictly advertising, very little, if any, had to do with our own
skills of marketing. To make a long story short, we did some research,
contacted a few people we knew, and learned that others who had tried to
advertise on this site, got very little results. And this is only one story in a
long list that we’ve looked at over the years.
The test we put every “Advertising” medium up against, is the “Marketing”
test. Can we use our marketing skills with this advertising medium to
achieve the results we want!
Here’s an example where both parts are met:
A little over 3 years ago, a good friend online recommended we check out a
site called ---- TrafficSwarm
He was seeing some great results, was easy to use, and a lot of the top
marketers online were also using it. Of course, we had to see what it was
all about. 3 ½ years later, this ONE site, has produced just over 35% of our
entire organizations success! Why?
Because it incorporates both sides of the success coin, advertising and
marketing. Not only do we get to advertise our business, we get to use our
skills in marketing by developing our own ads, headlines, text body, and we
get to change these anytime we want, or have multiple ads running at the
same time.
We get to control our message, giving us the power to produce the results
we want, that’s the secret to successful advertising online! That’s the
secret formula we use when looking at all the fluff, hype and false promises
that bombard our email daily. It’s the same formula we use when a good
friend sends us something to look at as well. If it can’t accommodate both
sides of the coin, we know that most likely it won’t produce the income
results either.
This chapter was written to help guide you on decisions you make to build
your business online. We don’t want people to become overspent and
under income, we want folks to understand how all the pieces fit together,
how to see through all the crazy claims that tug on our emotions and how
to recognize the things that actually work!
This is a crucial chapter in our report, because it stands out to us as one of
the most costly mistakes we’ve ever made in our career.
A quick story, maybe you will relate. I remember the very first time, a few
years back, when we made our first $1,000 online. After expenses, taxes
and so forth, we walked away with $1,012.56. Have you experienced this
yet? If you have, then you know the emotions we went through.
I remember looking at that dollar amount, sitting in our PayPal account,
almost breaking down with pure joy!  Have you felt that yet? How did
you handle that emotion? Well, let me share how we handled it, it’s a
great lesson, one that we learned the hard way.
“You don’t have to be great to start, but
you have to Start to be Great!”
- Zig Ziglar
It took me all of 2 minutes to transfer that $1,000 to our personal checking
account, and almost immediately, we began thinking of all the things we
were going to do with that money. Get the picture? We really didn’t stop
and think about the future, why, because we worked to earn that income,
why not lavish a little bit?
Seven business days passed and our money hit our account. Talk about an
incredible day.
By the end of that afternoon, we had purchased a new TV, not too fancy,
but a flat screen, and big enough that I didn’t have to pull my lazy boy up to
see the TV anymore. Exciting huh? We also bought a new dryer; our old
one was clanking around and really needed to be replaced. That was a
good investment, right?
I think you get the point. And truly, we are not faulting anyone for taking
their hard earned income and spending it as they wish, but here’s the point
to our story.
We never really stopped to think about how SOME of that new found
income, could help us create even more security for the future. You see,
earning a living online is about developing residual income. That’s money
that continues to come in, month after month, year after year. We got
caught up in the moment of meeting a huge milestone in our business and
didn’t stop to think about investing some of that money into bettering our
future results.
What if we had taken the money we spent on the TV, for instance, and
invested back into marketing and advertising, with the goal of increasing
our $1,000 per month by an extra $500 the next month, and another $500
the following month? In a few short months, we might have been able to
double our income to $2,000 that much faster! Do you think that would
have allowed us to buy a bigger TV?
All kidding aside, it’s not about the TV, it’s about investing back, part of
your profit, each month, into making your business more profitable and
stable for the long run. We really learned this lesson the hard way. In fact,
the very next month, our business fell by 50%. Not only did we spend the
entire $1,000, we actually spent a little bit of the advertising money we
already had budgeted, thinking it wouldn’t have that large of an effect.
Boy, were we wrong.
Emotions play a big part in the success of your business. And how well you
keep those emotions in check can sometimes mean the difference between
two zero’s or three zero’s or even five zero’s at the end of your pay check!
Here’s a quick guide, something we use even today, to help us
guarantee we are investing in our future income. Some of this
can be tweaked based on your current situation, but it’s a good
start, if not a reminder of how important this is.
Profit – Profit is the sum of your earnings each month, minus all
costs incurred, including taxes and fees.
1.) In the beginning, until you’re earning a profit of $200
every month, set aside 10% of whatever you earn for
future training and marketing/advertising, use the rest to
pay expenses. Does this mean using some of your own
income to do this? It might for a short time.
2.) Once you’ve reached $200 a month on a consistent
basis, take what you’ve been setting aside, plus 25% of
the $200 in profit and start using it to expand your
marketing and advertising. If you can, also use some of
that towards upgrading your skills. See Mistake #2, the
section on training!
3.) Consistently take 25% of your profit each month and
follow Step #2, gradually balancing what you spend on
training versus marketing and advertising.
4.) ALWAYS follow Step #3!
This is the exact formula we use month after month. The great
thing about following this formula is that as your income grows,
that 25% will begin to represent a larger portion of money,
meaning more flexibility and impact to your overall business.
Imagine earning $5,000 per month and taking $1,250 of that and
using it to market, advertise, upgrade your skills, expand your
business, add more new things, and help your team, whatever
you feel is appropriate to your overall goal?
How many people would like an advertising budget of $1,250 per
month? Can you see how that kind of money could be used to
double, triple and quadruple your business in a very short time?
Why do you think most folks struggle to make money online?
One reason is, they don’t invest back some of the profits they
earn, each and every month! If you follow our guide, in a very
short time, that snowball of compounding will begin and pretty
soon, you will be hunting for places to advertise and market, not
searching on Google for all the “Free” ways to market your
We hope you enjoyed this chapter, it’s a lesson we learned the
hard way, but once we saw the power of paying our business
back first, our income began to skyrocket, giving us the freedom
to reach our goals soooooo… much faster.
MISTAKE #4: NOT Protecting Your Income
This is our last chapter, and if you haven’t already noticed, each mistake we
share flows right into the other, and this chapter definitely follows suit.
We’ve shown you how to see through all the hype, false promises and
garbage that is promoted online today. We’ve given you solid practices to
help move your business in ways that defy being Over Spent and Under
Income. We’ve also shared the importance of investing back in your
business, and a model that we use daily to make this happen.
This chapter though, will help take what you’ve learned so far and explain
the process of protecting that income and business as it grows and
“Money is only an idea. If you want more
money, simply change your Thinking!”
- Robert T. Kiyosaki

But first, we need to share a quick story about a close friend, someone who
experienced the worst possible scenario that a business could experience.
There’s always a fear that lurks in the back of the mind, no it’s not failure,
but more a fear of loss. That’s what happened to a very close friend of
ours, he lost EVERYTHING!
Our friend had it all. A successful “Six-Figure” business, a huge
organization, top award winner and sought after by a lot of people. It’s the
type of dream everyone seeks, including ourselves back then. To be
honest, it’s this very friend who convinced us to embark on the journey
we’re on today. He is still our role model and by the end of the story, you’ll
understand why.
One evening, around the middle of 2006, we got a call at home from this
friend. It was actually hard to understand him, and I could tell something
was not right. He finally composed himself and shared what had happened.
The company he had been with for almost 7 years, the company he put his
heart and soul into, had been sold.
On the surface, you wouldn’t think that would be so earth shattering, but
hang with us for a second. This event happened four weeks prior to his call.
In those four weeks, this company was bought, all executives fired, and a
new leadership team was put in place. In week two, the entire product line
was changed, some things done away with totally, and the company began
to move in a whole new direction.
Keep in mind, this was a long term company, solid products, solid
leadership and they were growing. To make a long story short, our close
friend lost it all. As the new company changed, many people left, and left
in droves. His team was cut in half almost overnight, and the remaining
folks began to leave little by little as the new company continued to make
In two months, he literally had lost 90% of his team and almost all his
income. Remember, this was a large Six-Figure income! It was pure
devastation at the time.
So why do we share such a horrifying story? Because it’s real life, and it
happens more than you would care to know!
Over our time online, we have met hundreds of people. This story is not
new, it happens, and it happens a lot. But as we heard these stories and
followed some of the leaders who were affected over the years, we learned
a valuable lesson, which thankfully has saved us from that kind of
experience so far.
The lesson has to do with protecting your income. So what does that
mean? Well, it means, those people who weathered the storm, similar to
our friends, had not put ALL their eggs in only one basket. It means that,
they were earning income around, on top of, and next to, their primary
source or business.
Our friend’s income was from one company, one source, and no other.
When that source dried up, whether right or wrong, so did his livelihood.
What we learned, both from our friend’s situation and from watching and
following others who went through the same ordeal, was that those who
came out on the other end less scaved, were the ones who protected their
income base from day one.
So we’re going to share with you what this all means, and what we’ve done
to ensure that if one thing falls, it’s not total devastation!
The first big point to all of this, and it’s hard because there are unknowns, is
to look for a company that has key signs of longevity. Our friend’s case, the
company he was with, had no signs of ever being sold, it was thriving and
growing. It had been around a long time, and seemed stable. But we see
lots of people choose unwisely the company they wish to hang their hat on.
Case in point, ground floor opportunities have a lot of risk. Sure,
sometimes being the first one has its advantages, but new is not always
better. So, the right thing to do, to the best of your ability, is to investigate
until YOU are satisfied. The better alternative is to look for the company
that has a track record. Look for stability in the market place and talk to
those that are involved, they will generally give you the answers you seek.
The second biggest point is to look at what other opportunities there are to
that compliment your main opportunity. What tools or avenues are out
there that mesh with your primary business and will generate extra income
streams for you?
This is where most folks fall short.
There are tons of ways to earn income online, but the easiest way to add
more earning power, is to share the tools that you are using and seeing
success in, with others! What if you had a team of 100 people, and all of
them saw the power of Traffic Swarm? You could be making an extra
$1,000 a month just from this one tool, and it helps build your primary
business and their primary business too! What if all 100 of those team
members also saw the value of Aweber, and understood the need to build
their own list? You could be earning an extra $500 up to $1,000 every
month. And you’re earning that on top of what Aweber does to help build
your primary business, let alone the income you can make just from having
a large list.
What if you had other tools, other advertising and marketing avenues that
were producing you results, and you share them with your team because
you want them to be successful too? How much extra income could you be
generating on top of your primary business? The answer is….unlimited!
That’s the power of protecting and diversifying your income. We know
folks that make more money on the extra avenues they share, than they do
in their primary business. So in this case, if they were to lose their primary
business, just like our friend did, they wouldn’t miss a beat!
In fact, in this scenario, not only do they not miss a beat, they have built a
strong organization, a team that will more than likely follow them if they
decided to take a different avenue. And, since the extra income streams
they developed are in places needed to build ANY business, that income is
very secure!
I hope the wheels are turning.  These are fundamental, real life examples
of how to create a lasting, full-time income online.
The third and last example of how to protect your income:
Using a system that ties all of this together, your primary business, your
tools, your marketing and advertising avenues, all under one roof, all
designed to fund your income funnels automatically! The system we’re
talking about is not like the general things most companies provide with
your membership. Those are not set up to incorporate these types of
revenue streams.
The system we’re talking about can be used for any business, by anybody,
has all the streams pre-built-in so that the system shares them with your
team and theirs, without you having to do it one by one.
This system is also designed to benefit everyone, at every level, not just the
owners or top affiliates. Whether you were the first or just started today,
the benefits are equal.
The system we are speaking of is ---- Traffic Secret
Protecting your income is vital, especially in today’s fast changing market.
Having the right system in place helps protect your interests, and gives you
and your team the ability to create positive results from day one. Traffic
Secret is one of those systems!
The other unique aspect of Traffic Secret is the “Private” training site, giving
folks the basics of marketing and advertising, including where, how and
why. Each avenue is explained, secrets are revealed and real video
instruction make the training valuable whether you’re an accomplished
marketer, or new to the scene! Plus, this system is built on a team
structure, meaning everyone works together to help the whole, even if it
doesn’t benefit you monetarily on every front. This structure breeds
results, and we all know the ONE thing all marketers become frustrated
with the fastest is – Lack of Results.
Is it becoming a little more clear, the importance of protecting your
income? Having a system like ---- Traffic Secret
does this and much more, making it a top notch example of how real
people are creating real results!
One last note about our friend who lost everything. We shared that he was
still a big part of our lives, and still a mentor to us and our business. Well,
in about 6 months after losing everything, he made his way back to the top,
and better than before. Why? Because he learned the hard way about
protecting his income, diversifying and focusing on helping others, and this
time, he’s using his experience to teach people the right path to success.
He’s a big part of the success we experience today and has helped us
understand our goals in business and life, and that’s to help others succeed
too! Hence the reason for writing this report, to give back our insights,
strategies and skills in making this crazy thing called “Internet Marketing”
The quote below says it all; it’s one of our favorites, and by one of the best
teachers of all……
So there you have it. The 4 Most Costly Mistakes of Internet Marketing.
We hope you’ve enjoyed our report but even more so, we hope it’s given
you some fresh and new insight into furthering your success online.
“If you do what you’ve always done,
you’ll get what you’ve Always gotten!”
- Tony Robbins

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