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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The coming FMO phenomenon

There is something new in the world.  

This is a new age.  This is the new Organization Age

The world has advanced beyond the computer age into an Organization Age.  

Just like cars, cell phones, computers, internet and email;  Facebook, TwitterYouTube and social media are now a regular ordinary part of our lives, tools no different that cell phones and cars.  We all use them now. What is coming NEXT that will be new to come into our world?  What's next?  

It is a new and more effective form of  ORGANIZATION    

There is a new way of organizing people coming into play now that is going to create a new different addition to our lives. The tools of the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, tablets, smart-phones, computers and social networking in general are now about to be ORGANIZED.  Click here to follow the new worldwide cooperatives:  

THIS NEW ORGANIZATION AGE WILL CREATE A FASTER SERIES OF EVENTS IN OUR WORLD, using a new type of human organization.   This new form of organization is called a Forced Matrix Organization or an FMO

What is a forced matrix organization?  Well, it means that when you twitter or facebook or email a couple of friends and they contact a couple of friends, rather than a helter skelter unorganized storm of information, in a forced matrix the word gets out in an organized fashion.  Not only that, you get paid for getting the word out. In fact, you get paid again and again for each generation in your forced matrix.  Your two have two, and they have two and they have two, and you get paid on all of it.  They get paid also from your efforts because if you sponsor more than the two or three allowed on the first level of the matrix, it spills over, and some recruits and income goes to your two and their two and so on as long as some basic work requirements are met.  You do not get paid free, you get to work and help. 

A Forced Matrix only allows you to recruit a limited manageable number of two or three on your first level, and those people can only recruit a limited number of two or three, and so any extra people who want to get involved are placed below the new people.  This forced matrix allows communication and product offers to generate results dramatically in a matter of days or hours, so the word gets out in an organized fashion. 

So, you will benefit from recognizing a good forced matrix when you see one.
The most important element is the PRODUCT that the FMO ( forced matrix organization ) is promoting.  You must love the product, or do not get involved in any forced matrix.  If the product is not desired by people, the forced matrix is meaningless and useless.

Keep your eyes open for forced matrix organizations that are promoting a product mix that you love and want to buy or sell. 

Here are the very best that I have found so far;
1. Professional Social Media Marketing Product: 
No matter what type of company you have, you need FaceBook Tools!

2. SkinnyBodyCare Product:
Spanish Version:
Dutch Version:
Italian Version:
You can phone in every night at 10 pm EST 1-712-432-0075
Pin code 792400# To enjoy the conference call.

3. Salon Quality Skin Care and Wrinkle Magic
You will look up to 10 years younger in 90 seconds.  SkinLaLa Products.

4. OneKyss Personal Products:
A great line of Breath Mints, Lip Balm and personal products.

5. Stiforp Marketing Products:
Every online business can use these landing pages and video presentations.

6. Pro-Plus Business Products:  Click Here to Enroll in Conference Center
Includes unlimited hosting, conference center, autoresponders, web page rotators.

7. Ten-In-One Product:
                     For Product Review:
                     For Income Potential:

8. Solid Gold and Silver Medallions, Silver and Gold Rounds, Bullion 
(this is for USA buyers only, due to international precious metals bullion laws).
First, copy this word blastforce as your future sponsor's username, then go to and click on "TAKE THE FIRST STEP."  then paste or type in the Sponsor username: blastforce to get into the pre-launch site.  Your sponsor's company name will then automatically show up as: A-A Buy Sell Repair. This is really new. You cannot buy anything here yet, but you can reserve your position FREE.  It is important to get into this FMO now before it launches. You may listen in on the conference calls every Monday through Thursdays at 9 pm EST by dialing 1-712-432-0900 and enter pin 114584.

9.  What could be better than selling and earning food products via a forced matrix?  Click here:   This food storage FMO program is currently only available to USA residents at this stage.

10. Forced Matrix Advertising Product - This is a Pay it Forward Advertising Product in a 3x15 Forced Matrix called the PIF43.
This is good advertising for businesses that want to advertise worldwide.

It is very important to note that these are all FORCED MATRIX ORGANIZATIONS ( FMO's ).  For example, the Ten-in-One product shown above pays you for 20 levels deep, including results of my own efforts, as long as you help me with some work too. That means that a portion of the people that I recruit and communicate with, will be placed under you in your forced matrix down-line.  This means that everything that I do on YouTubeTwitter, Facebook and even in this blog that you are reading right now, is going to help create future income for you, if you jump in and put in some real work now.  The word can spread across the world in a matter of minutes and hours with an FMO.  Start working now!  

Follow us at
Check out our exclusive private FlashCrowd BlastForce group at Google+
Click to  Then search for Lois Lewis in "Find People".

There is not a big investment to get going.  The good thing is that you can afford it.

Be sure to pick a product that you would buy anywayeven if there were no income opportunity attached to it.  Buy the product only if you really wanted it anyway, then use it, test it, decide if you want to also be selling it, to earn money. If you decide that you love the product, then simply do a search at YouTube,, or a Google search for similar interests.  Then email or call on the phone the person who is listed as the contact person on the website or profiles that you find.  Ask them sincere questions that you really want to know about their website or blog without telling them about your product yet.  After you get to know them, they will ask what you do. They will look at your profile anyway.
The beauty of any FMO that you pick, is that you only need to friend a very few people online, and then as they do the same, the forced matrix magic kicks in and you EARN!  The forced matrix feature propels and multiplies your real work efforts.

You can become friends with a few people that you find online very easily.  Calling them on the phone if they have their phone number listed works the best.

You can also place some ads about your product for sale at but call Google on the phone first before you enter any ads after you set up your campaign, to be sure the url's you are using are approved.  PHONE FIRST.

Click on one of the links shown above to join now, and be in front of this new phenomenon, the FORCED MATRIX ORGANIZATION ( FMO ) revolution. You are not going to get rich quick without working, this is going to take some work.  So let's get to work. 

After you sign up for an FMO above,  click here for training.
The only way to earn some money with this, is to put in some consistent work.
Go here to download our FREE starter kit to automate your work efforts on YouTube  or   click here to get faster paid version.

If you want to work at home by-the-hour for us temporarily on a consistent committed basis, in order to earn some start-up money ( this income to be used only for enrolment costs and sample products for your own use in our specifically recommended mlm network marketing and to be used for advertising specific FMO products for sale and only on - then we do have some limited temporary independent contractor online work available at home by-the-hour to help you get started. The restriction is your mlm FMO home based income by-the-hour will be used solely for enrolment in our recommended programs, for product samples for your own use, and for getting your own MLM advertising program started to advertise specific real FMO products on to generate mlm advertising profits from home. If you are interested in doing some online work for us in order to get your own automated profits from home business started, put the words "Work by-the-hour at home" in the subject line of an email to - This MLM Network Marketing FMO data entry work at home by the hour is for age 18 and up only.

Here is your private invitation to join us at Google+ ( a new exclusive from Google ): Click to   Then search for Lois Lewis.

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